Sheila Bredin. Since 1993.

 Rates & Policies

(All rates subject to HST)

Cat looking up - isolated on whiteCat visits

  • 1 – 2    cats                                                $ 23.00 per visit
  • Each additional cat                                    $  3.00 per visit

      *Basic pill and medication administration at no charge*

  • Diabetic Injections   –  Additional              $ 10.00 per visit
  • Consultation meeting                                $ 15.00
  • Key pick-up/drop off                                  $ 10.00 each time
  • Statutory Holidays @ time & half

(For convenience, regular clients may wish to leave their keys at the office – this eliminates a future key pick-up charge)

A one-time consultation to meet your cats and obtain all household information is necessary at a nominal fee of $15.00,  thereafter a $10.00 fee applies for key pick-up/or updates whereby a visit is requested to your home.

Each cat visit is a minimum of a half hour; a basic house check will also be included in this time.  For households with more than 2 cats, additional time will be spent to ensure each cat is attended to.

Payment for services are due prior to your departure either by post-dated cheque/or email money transfer.